Gardena Combisystem Snow Shovel ES 40(3242)


The wide ribs in the plastic blade allow smooth gliding while shovelling paths and thanks to the fine surface, hardly any snow sticks to the shovel. The raised sides prevent slipping of the snow and the wide border gives high stability. The plastic blade is resistant against salt and cold-impact-resistant to – 40  degrees. Thanks to its stainless steel edge, the Snow Shovel is ideally suited for smooth surfaces such as concrete and asphalt. The combisystem Snow Shovel ES 40 is suitable for all GARDENA combisystem handles, whereby GARDENA recommends the combisystem Ergoline Aluminium 130 handle. The plastic covering of the handle is non-slip, kind to the hand, and protects against cold. The angled, ergonomically formed handle prevents slipping and allows optimal positioning of the rear guiding hand.

Thanks to its light and sturdy plastic blade and a width of 40 cm, the GARDENA Snow Shovel ES 40 is optimally suited for clearing surfaces and paths of snow.