Fiskars PowerGear™ Hand Pruner P94


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With the upper handle made from FiberComp™ and lower handle made from PBT this pruner is extremely lightweight and strong while its rotating handle movement ensures that all fingers are used simultaneously and exert an equal but reduced pressure for maximum power and less effort on every cut. And to ensure consistent pruning power, the blades made from extra hard, corrosion resistant steel (CrMoV) ensuring that they stay sharper for longer. To further assist the cut, a non stick PTFE coating on upper blade reduce friction and sticking.

Fiskars PowerGear Hand Pruner P94 is a expression of Fiskars design in a tailored hand pruning package. A unique mechanism in the handle ensures a great pair of secateurs for pruning trees to bushes to dead heading. All in all a nice bypass pruner.