Gardena Classic Irrigation Control System 4030(1283)


The Classic Irrigation Control System 4030 is ideally suited for when the water quantity is insufficient for simultaneously operating the entire system – normally comprising several irrigation systems. Also with varying water requirements of individual plant areas, it controls the individual watering intervals per channel and thereby allows individual and optimal irrigation. The Classic Irrigation Control System 4030 is designed for connection of up to four Irrigation Valves 24 V (Art. No. 1278-20). For flexible irrigation programming, up to three programmes can be saved per valve. The watering days and -cycles can be individually selected, the watering duration can be set for between one minute and 3 hours 59 minutes and is also centrally adjustable from 0 to 200%. If irrigation is to be started immediately, it can also be manually activated. The large and clear display with user guidance renders programming easy and intuitive. Through the master channel, the GARDENA Pump Control System (Art. No. 1273-20) can be connected and a pump can thereby be controlled as an alternative water source. The GARDENA Classic Irrigation Control System 4030 can be used indoors, e.g. in the garage, and in rain-protected areas and has a 230 V power connection. To ensure that the Irrigation Control System always operates reliably and securely, power failure protection is possible through a 9 V alkaline battery (battery not included). If desired, a GARDENA Rain- or Soil Moisture Sensor can be connected for water-saving operation.

The GARDENA Classic Irrigation Control System 4030 serves the automatic control of larger irrigation systems, usually of pop-up irrigation systems, such as the GARDENA Sprinklersystem.

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