Gardena Water Computer MultiControl duo(1874)


Up to three watering cycles per day can be selected and programmed per outlet for up to a maximum of 3 h 59 min. The practical control panel of the Water Computer can be detached for easy programming. Functions can be selected with the press of a button. Thanks to intuitive operation and step-by-step display of all irrigation data, this is very easy. And thanks to the large display, all information is clearly visible. A water-saving GARDENA Rain- or Soil Moisture Sensor can be attached to each outlet. Their intelligent function interrupts or prevents automatic irrigation when the soil is sufficiently moist or at the onset of rain. Both outlets can also be controlled through a sensor. With the night programme, irrigation begins automatically when a connected Soil Moisture Sensor senses dryness. The Water Computer is suitable for taps with 26.5 mm (G ¾)- and 33.3 mm (G1) thread with an operating pressure of 0.5 – 12 bar. With a 9 V alkaline battery, the Water Computer operates for approx. one year. The battery level display shows when the battery needs to be changed. The battery is not included.

With the GARDENA Water Computer MultiControl duo, you can irrigate two different garden areas. For example, the lawn behind the house and the flower bed in the front. Both outlets can be individually programmed. That means: you individually select the start of watering, duration and frequency.

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