Gardena Power Max 37 E


In addition, this technology reduces the total weight of the mower and thereby allows significantly easier work. Central and easy cutting-height adjustment in 5 stages with cutting-height scale. Folding handle for space-saving transport and compact storage. Ergonomically formed upturned soft grip handles with dual switch levers with start button and cable relief for ease of control. Central carrying handle for easy transportation of the mower. A viewing window indicates when the grass catcher has to be emptied. DuraEdge™ double hardened, precision ground blade for a superior cut, tackles the toughest of conditions in both mulch and collect mode. 5 position handle height adjust to suit any user height. Extra-large rear wheels for greater turning capability and manoeuvrability. Delivery time 1-4 days (depending on the type of delivery). Goods before delivery to the customer will be checked and adjusted. provide warranty service. 2-year warranty.

Powerful and easy to use Electric Lawnmower with the PowerPlus: high-power motor with high-torque gear drive delivering excellent, precision cutting results and optimised grass collection. For effortlessly dealing with every type of lawn, even tall or damp grass.

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