GARDENA Classic Pressure Tank Unit 3000/4(1770)


Whether you use free rainwater for the home – e.g. for flushing the toilet or for the washing machine – or whether you use it to irrigate your garden – you can flexibly decide. Due to the compact design, the pump can be installed in a space-saving fashion. The Pressure Tank Unit is serially equipped with a pre-filter, that protects the pump against debris and sand, and with a backflow preventer. Both functions ensure a fast installation and a reliable and long-life pump operation. For easy and problem-free initial operation, a large filling opening facilitates filling of the pump. Thanks to the water tank, which has a capacity of 24 litres, the pump can first take from these reserves before being automatically activated or deactivated by the integrated pressure switch. Only high-quality materials are used in the pump for high-performance and low-noise operation. A maintenance-free capacitor motor with thermal overload protection efficiently pumps the water through a jet-pump system via pressure at the desired site. An integrated Manometer constantly shows you the current pressure level. Practical: if required, the pump can be easily drained before frost sets in via a drain screw. Delivery time 3-6 days (depending on the type of delivery). Goods before delivery to the customer will be checked and adjusted. provide warranty service. 2-year warranty.

The GARDENA Pressure Tank Units 3000/4 are ideally suited for stationary installation as a permanent element of your water supply.

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13,6 kg