GARDENA Oscillating Sprinkler ZoomMaxx(8127)


With its sturdy foot, it can be safely secured to a surface with up with 15 % incline and positioned right where it is needed. The GARDENA Oscillating Sprinkler ZoomMaxx is ideal for areas from 9 to 216 m². Water-flow regulation allows infinite, fine adjustment of the irrigation area. The spray width of the sprinkler can be easily selected using the slider and reaches from 3 to 12 m, the spray range can be varied using the adjustment ring from 3 to 18 m. The fine-mesh filter protects against sand and dirt, and plugging of the nozzles. With one hand movement, it can be easily removed and cleaned. And all of this functions with system: If you would like to install several sprinklers in sequence, these can be connected to the Original GARDENA System at the water connection.

Regardless whether the areas are large and wide, small or long, or narrow: the GARDENA Oscillating Sprinkler ZoomMaxx is the variable Oscillating Sprinkler for multifarious requirements.