GARDENA Щетка моющая на шарнире(5560)


The GARDENA Wash Brush with Elbow Joint has a practical triangular shape for inaccessible areas. You can effortlessly reach corners and angles hard to access with other brushes. The swivel joint will help you. It can be rotated by 360°. The Wash Brush is rendered flexible and easy to use for any spot required. It can be used with all Original GARDENA Cleansystem Running Water Handles (Art. No. 5552-20, 5550-20, 5554-20). With the high-quality bristles and a working width of 27 cm or 13 cm, it is suitable for gentle and effective cleaning of sensitive surfaces, e.g. with roller blinds, greenhouses, winter gardens etc. With this Wash Brush, cleaning is made easy.

The GARDENA Wash Brush is water-connected and has an Original GARDENA System connection.